Representatives of the opposition in Serbia gathered around the idea of a boycott of the upcoming parliamentary elections, reiterated at the European Parliament in Brussels that they remain united in their decision to boycott the elections, at both the republic and local levels.

A release issued by the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) states that SzS chairman Dragan Djilas, Sabac Mayor Nebojsa Zelenovic and Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) official Nathan Albahari conferred in Brussels with the EP Vice President Klara Dobrev and MEPs Tanja Fajon and Vladimir Bilcik - members of the EP delegation in the dialogue on election conditions in Serbia. SzS officials elaborated the decision to boycott the elections, saying that pressures were intensifying in Serbia, that TV N1 was being expelled from cable operators’ offers, that even more brutal media demonization of regime unlike-minded persons was underway, and that there were attempts to establish complete control over the judiciary and voters.

They assessed that it was now clear to everyone that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had misled EP representatives who had participated in the dialogue on election conditions in Serbia, and that the authorities failed to deliver on what they had promised.

As the SzS said earlier, Djilas, Zelenovic, and Albahari in Brussels conferred with the Vice-President of the European Parliament Klara Dobrev about the real situation in Serbia and why the boycott is the only alternative to the upcoming, false elections, as they said. That is why, they said in the release, the opposition in Serbia remains united in the decision to boycott false elections in the spring - at the republican and local levels.

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