President of Together for Serbia (ZzS) Nebojsa Zelenovic stated that Vucic “did not dare go to Montenegro,” because he has been exposed and because his plan to collect cheap political points, in collaboration with Djukanovic, at the detriment of the freedom of religion of Orthodox Christian believes, members of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC).

“It is clear to everyone that the law on so-called freedom of religion in Montenegro was adopted with support from the regime in Belgrade. So, Vucic agreed to the seizure of SPC property. Only following the adoption of this anti-civilization law did Vucic start shedding crocodile tears in an attempt to conceal from the public that it was all done in an obvious agreement with Djukanovic,” Zelenovic said in a written statement.

“Vucic and Djukanovic are two sides of a single policy because which is only one goal: uncontrolled personal power. I call on all sides for peace and restraint, and the authorities in Montenegro to immediately revoke the disputed law and for all open issues to be resolved in a dialogue with the SPC,” Zelenovic said.

He called on the president of Serbia “to stop the media pyromania games that can cause untold consequences.”

“I hope that the lesson he was given by the SPC and the people in Montenegro will be enough for him. His presence there is not desired,” Zelenovic concluded.

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