The leader of Together for Serbia and one of the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) Nebojsa Zelenovic said that the whistleblower from the Valjevo ammunition factory Aleksandar Obradovic had, live in a television program, presented evidence that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was the “mentor of the corruption octopus” in state-owned ammunition factory Krusik.

“It is now clear to all that Vucic, through [the powerful official of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)] Darko Glisic is, in fact, the mentor and protector of illegal dealings with weapons and the plundering of Krusik. Through Glisic, the SNS had formed an organized group which has damaged Krusik out of several tens of millions of euros and for the same sun gained illegal property gain to ammunition tradesmen”, state Zelenovic in a written statement.

He also said that this was proved by the fact that the state-owned company for trading in military equipment SDPR was virtually pushed out of the business with Krusik and that, on the orders of the SNS the private company for arms trading GIM was infiltrated; GIM is represented by the father of the Interior Minister [Branko Stefanovic]. Also included in the deals was the company of Slobodan Tesic, an arms trader and official financier of the SNS. “They, at prices lower than those of the SDPR, virtually at the price of cost, bought goods from Krusik and frequently sold them for double the price. Where did the profit of several dozen million euros end up, President Vucic?”, demanded Zelenovic.

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