The leader of Together for Serbia (ZzS) party and one of the leaders of Alliance for Serbia (SzS) Nebojsa Zelenovic called the government on Saturday to “cancel all public-funded New Year’s celebrations” around Serbia and the money allocated for this “allocate for treatment of sick children, people with special needs and young couples”.

Zelenovic, Mayor of Sabac, the only larger city in Serbia not under control of Aleksandar Vucic’s regime, stated in the written statement that this city would not have an organized New Year’s celebration “because there are incomparably more important things where the money of citizens should be invested”.

“Instead of fees for celebrity stars, the budget money was allocated for Fund for Children Ill with Difficult and Rare Diseases and financing in-vitro fertilization for young couples. This is just one example of how to run a responsible policy towards children and young people”, Zelenovic stated.

“In such harsh economic circumstances, it is unacceptable and immoral to allocate astronomical fees for parties on city squares. Unfortunately, the full truth is that the government is using people’s money to buy the support of celebrities so the signers and starlets could publicly support (Serbian President and the leader of the ruling SNS Aleksandar) Vucic in elections campaigns and at the party rallies”, Zelenovic concluded.

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