Vucic’s "Serbia 2025" plan was a deception of Serbian citizens living at the limit of material existence, in a moment when the country was facing exodus of young, educated and qualified workers abroad, the leader of Together for Serbia (ZzS) and one of the leaders of Alliance for Serbia (SzS) Nebojsa Zelenovic emphasized on Sunday.

“Vucic has turned Serbia into a country of sad and scared people, a country without any perspective. According to all economic parameters the country is at the very bottom of Europe. Standard of living and economic growth are at the level of Albania and this is the result of Vucic’s policy”, Zelenovic emphasized.

He added that not even a salary of 500 Euros has been reached, which was being promised by Vucic for six years, and now he was covering this unfulfilled promise with another, even more, unrealistic promise.

“Now he promises that the average salary in Serbia will reach 900 Euros in 2025, while the average pensions will be 430 or 440 Euros, which is an increase of more than 90 percent. Economic analysists have calculated that according to Vucic’s unrealistic projection of growth rate, gross domestic product in 2025 would be higher by 27 percent”, Zelenovic said.

He said that, in that case, the growth of salaries and pensions would be 3.5 times higher than the economic growth, which showed that this prognosis was foolish and irresponsible “unless Vucic plans to candidate himself for a Nobel Prize in economy, in a similar way he has fought for [religious] St. Sava Medal”.

Zelenovic emphasized that presentation of "Serbia 2025" plan was an indecent marketing manipulation that had neither the vision of development nor projects, nor personnel that could realize it and that the plan was a big fraud behind which was a wish “to survive in power by media manipulation, so the leadership of the regime could continue to get richer”.

“There is another problem in the so-called "Serbia 2025" plan. No power, pressure or media censorship would enable Vucic to stay in power at that point. At that time, Vucic and his regime would be our distant and ugly past”, Zelenovic concluded.

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