„Vucic’s statement that 'the authorities gave more than the opposition had demanded regarding electoral conditions' because 'he is a lenient man' is nothing but a cynical mockery of the citizens of Serbia and the entire democratic public.“, said the leader of Together for Serbia Nebojsa Zelenovic.

“The Members of the European Parliament had the opportunity to see for themselves that in Serbia there are no elementary conditions for normal political life, let alone fair elections,” pointed out Zelenovic, who is also the Mayor of Sabac, in a written statement.

“The regime unsuccessfully tried to feign a dialogue in front of the eyes of the international representatives, making up some fake concessions, all to break up the unity of the opposition, and win over at least one of the relevant opposition parties for the fake elections. However, realizing that nothing will come of it because a million and a half citizens are unified in our stance to delegitimize the authoritarian government through boycott and that this will lead to fair elections with a fair election campaign of at least nine months,” he said.

"There are months of a difficult fight ahead of us, but we will win because Serbia deserves to be a decent and normal country. Any repression at one point begins to work to the detriment of its authoritarian leader. This will happen to Vucic very soon when he realizes that his most loyal and richest, heavily corrupted allies are leaving him; when he finally understands that he can not keep the people intimidated forever.

There are 230.000 part-time civil servants in Serbia who are frightened for their families' future because their employment depends on time-limited contracts, which must be extended every six months. This extension is decided in one single office of the ruling party in Belgrade, based on their performance as the (unwilling) activists of the Serbian progressive party. If they have gathered enough capillary votes, if they have written enough positive comments about „the Great Leader“ on social media, they can keep their jobs and feed their families – and the other way around. This so-called „bott army“ is a unique case in the entire world. The regime humiliates and abuses the despair and hopelessness of the frightened people. This can not last forever. These people are becoming aware that this situation can not go on, and that changes are necessary. "- concluded President of the Together for Serbia, Nebojsa Zelenovic.

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