President of the Together for Serbia (ZzS) Nebojsa Zelenovic has stated that it is completely scandalous that the Government has nominated Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) reported Ivona Pantelic as a member of the supervisory committee for monitoring the behavior of political parties, candidate and media during the election campaign.

Pantelic is known to be best friends with Biljana Popovic, State Secretary with the Ministry of Interior, former RTS speaker and the wife of Bane Ivkovic, a SNS official and former SPS minister.

“This is Vucic’s interpretation of democracy and freedom of media, just like all autocratic rulers. He is planning on now formally, through the police, supervise the media and the entire election process.”

“Instead of creating conditions for a normal political life, in the interest of all the citizens of Serbia, Vucic is continuing to cause an increasingly deeper crisis, for whose consequences he will be personally responsible,” Zelenovic concluded.

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