By organizing rallies of support to himself and representing them as ostensibly spontaneous gatherings of his followers, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is provoking civic conflicts in the country, said the leader of Together for Serbia Nebojsa Zelenovic on Tuesday.

“At the rallies of support to himself in Nis and Kragujevac, he targeted [one of the leaders of the opposition bloc Alliance for Serbia] Dragan Djilas. Tomorrow the target will be someone else, anyone who dares to speak out about the financial malpractices of the authorities and the torture which is carried out against everyone who thinks differently”, said Zelenovic, who is also the Mayor of Sabac. “To these rallies, Vucic brings employees in government services and public companies, by force, under threat of being fired, in busses. They themselves do not know exactly why they have come, but they are told that they have to shout, chant and threaten”, he said.

Vucic is “putting the heads of his political opponents on the block” and it is only a matter of moments when, on behalf of the authorities, “some frenzied executioner [will appear] and then the country will slide into a catastrophe”, continued Zelenovic.

“I call on Vucic to create conditions for a normal political life and free and honest elections since it is also in his best interest to descend from power in a peaceful way at the elections. Everyone who is well-meaning knows that such a thug-like manner of governing is unsustainable, that it is an unsustainable situation to in a European country in the 21st century have a man governing who is daily drowning in affairs”, he said.

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