The leader of Together for Serbia (ZzS) and the Mayor of Sabac Nebojsa Zelenovic requested of Parliament Speaker Maja Gojkovic to schedule an extraordinary Parliament session in the next 24 hours on which the false PhD Mali would be deposed.

“The University managed to resisted an unseen pressure from the government and reach the only possible decision. The whole country knows for five years already that Mali is a fraud and the damage that he has done to the University and Serbia’s reputation in the world is unmeasurable.

“Imagine what is being said today in the world international institutions, after it has been proven that our Finance Minister is a simple fraud. “Mali is a man with one thousand scandals, from demolition in Savamala, through domestic violence, suspicious offshore companies, enormous property, breaches of Law on Battle against Corruption, suspicious business of his brother”, Zelenovic reiterated.

* * * 

A five-year waiting period resulted in what has been obvious and inevitable: The Committee for Professional Ethics of the Belgrade University proposed to the University Senate to proceed in line with the rulebook on the voidance of doctor thesis in the case of Minister Sinisa Mali after non-academic conduct has been established in his work, University rector Ivanka Popovic declared earlier today.

„Sinisa Mali has breached the code of ethics of the University as he inserted texts of other authors without naming the source“, the rector told journalists in front of the Rectorate building in central Belgrade.

The Professional Ethics Committee unanimously determines Mali’s non-academic conduct in the making of his PhD. Mali translated or transcribed more than forty percent of “his” work, without even naming the real authors. Mali’s PhD was challenged more than five years ago when university professors accused him of plagiarizing a portion of his work. With the help of pro-government university structures at the University and its faculties, the decision regarding obvious larceny had been postponed or formally challenged, with the initial investigation of thesis content going the farthest when “experts” concluded that Mali’s PhD contains only seven percent of plagiarism, but that this does not affect its quality and originality.

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